African Violet Club of Ocala
             An Affiliate of the African Violet Society of America ( 
                                                  Presents it July Meeting
Tips and Techniques with Meet and Greet
         July 26, 2014 
10:30 am at the 
Marion County Sheriff's Office (Brian Litz Sheriff's Substation) 
                            9048 SW Highway 200, Ocala, Florida 34476

Our program this month is 'Tips and Techniques' revolving around our love
and care of African violets and other gesneriads.  We'll also have a great time
making new friends.  There are bound to be a few surprises during this fun
summertime meeting!   Our supplies store will be open, along with our extensive
library.   Invite
other African violet lovers like your friends, family and guests too!  
They are always welcome! 

Next meeting is August 23 at the same time and location.  We will have a very specialspeaker who has won many top awards at the national level with her beautiful designs. Mary Lou Harden will present on designs!

To find out what is happening the rest of the year at our meetings look

May AVCO Annual 2014 Show and Sale:
Congratulations, Suzanne !!!

The first picture shows Suzanne Burbank with her Best in Show and Best Species entry, S. 5b clone grotei Silvert! The second picture is of Suzanne's Best in Show/Best Species entry, S. 5b clone grotei Silvert on the table of honor!

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The African Violet Club of Ocala (AVCO) exists to bring together African violet and other gesneriad fanciers in the north central Florida area for the purpose of learning more about the care of our most popular houseplant. In the process of this endeavor, we are making new friends.  We were formed in January 2007 by a small, dedicated group of enthusiastic African violet fanciers led by Carolee Carter.  For more information on the benefits of club membership please click here. If you have any questions write a note to us from our website contact page or contact our club President, Linda Schwambach, at 352-351-3639.  Be sure to check the tab labeled President's Podium for the latest news and information. 
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